Transactional Email Gateway

Transactional Email Gateway - Up to 20,000 Messages Per Month

Improve the deliverability of email from your website or app and a log of all email sent from the website or app.

  • 20,000 Messages Per Month ($20 per additional 20,000 messages can be arranged if needed)
  • Configuration of website or app to use mail gateway
  • Verify each Domain
  • Verify DKIM and SPF Anti Spam Records
  • Real-time Monitor Domain Reputation and Blacklist Status
  • Clickify DevOps Management and Monitoring
Anti Spam Domain Checkup & Configuration

Anti Spam Domain Checkup & Configuration

$265 ex GST

From February 2024, email providers such as Google and Yahoo are enforcing a new policy to protect their users Inboxes to better filter out spam/junk emails that we all receive every day. Under this new policy, any person or company sending bulk emails to their customers and clients will need to meet four specific criteria for their emails to be delivered successfully.

1. Include a one-click unsubscribe in all emails.
2. Keep a spam report rate below 0.3%.
3. Send all emails from a domain with a valid DMARC policy and,
4. Authenticate all emails with the SPF and DKIMÔÇ»validation methods.

With Clickify's Anti Spam Domain Checkup & Configuration we provide

1. Audit of your existing domain DNS
2. Configuration of the required DNS changes to apply the new DMARC, SPF and DKIM policies
3. Testing including spoof email testing to ensure bad actors can't use your domain to impersonate you

Please note, this rate above assumes a typical business setup on a single domain.

If your business has a complex setup or multiple email marketing platforms, please contact us and we'll provide you with a custom quote.